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Restaurant Home Cooking
March 2020

We are overwhelmed by the love, support, concern and recognition expressed for those of us who exist at the heart of the hospitality industry. At our core, M. Wells is a neighborhood restaurant and our restaurant has remained our home and where we cook. We kept cooking this week and now we make our food - and wine - available to you.

a plate of food on a table

Our Pantry has a short but growing list of restorative and long-lasting items available for TAKE OUT through the evening and occasionally for delivery (patience appreciated!). We will continue to add items we dream up along the way. These items are packaged frozen or cold, they will NOT be hot and ready to eat. You can schedule deliveries for ASAP pick-up or a later time at your convenience.

A wine list is available for ordering as well. We chose unique bottles that are not in most wine shops and which represent small biodynamic growers and tiny wine companies. All can be enjoyed with or without food. Both white wines will be good with our Chowder, the Frantz Saumon in particular. Broc’s Carignan is a great bet for the Meat Pie and the Sanromà Tempranillo is spot-on for our Cassoulet.

a bottle of wine on a table

Trust that we are being safe and hugely responsible in executing this service. We are obviously not alone in this difficult journey and so many folks require assistance and attention, but any patronage or gift certificate purchase and general continued heartfelt support makes us feel better - and stronger.

Thank you. 

Love, M. Wells

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