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Our Events

We make our own fun here at M. Wells. 

Stay in touch for news about our music, makers markets, craft nights, block parties and other live entertainment. 

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LIC Garage Sale & Community Swap

Sunday - June 23, 2024 - 12 - 6pm

M. Wells and City Owlets will host an **LIC Garage Sale & Community Swap**. Visit lots of folks vending the handmade, the old, the used, the overstock and the vintage for great fun sifting through the tables while listening to good music and chilling at the bar cart, grabbing lunch and hanging out.

Please sign up to Table with your neighbors and/or RSVP to attend [HERE].

In honor of our Annual Block Party (we'll reprogram that once we navigate the construction on the block!), we will have a DJ, Games, Raffles and other Activities all day and the Swap will be organized, helpful and a great way to meet neighbors.


Montauk Seafood Club

Ongoing - Summer 2024

Next Session begins June 4th, this four-week Seafood Dinner subscription offers approximately 2 lbs of amazing yet simply prepared seafood dishes once a week, with a two-day Pick-up window on Thursdays and Fridays, for optimal and absolute freshness. Click HERE for more information ad to sign up Four Weeks of Dinners/$160.


Qui Jura, Boira 

Sunday - June 2, 2024 - 6-9pm

We invite you to celebrate the harvests of springtime and the traditions, techniques and symbiotic nature of the fields of Jura.

Join us for Qui Jura, Boira a spirited evening of food and fine wines from this wildly charismatic, captivating and beloved region in the East of France tucked between Switzerland and Burgundy.  

Reserve your seat HERE.

Mika, Charles and the Chefs explore its deep, classical roots and curate with a night with incredibly special wines featuring Jura’s indigenous grapes, the ‘sous voile’ aging phenomenon and the bursting ingredients of this terroir and the dishes that ensue. Mika brings us Crémants, Vin Jaunes and Macvins and more from Tissot, Ganevat, Rolet, Montbourgeau and more. Heather and Hugue will make culinary classics their own.

The vines in Jura are predominantly grown on Jurassic period limestone and marl - the name Jurassic itself being a nod to the region. The mélange of traditional grapes, the hand-harvesting, long natural drying, the barrel-aging and time honored bottling are all honored and savored in Long Island City on Sunday, June 2nd 6-9pm.

Hugue is particularly fond of drinking around Jura and appreciates its beautiful physical characteristics - the series of plateaus sub-alpine mountain range of its own, the Jura Mountains - and the omnipresent dairy farms reminiscence of where he grew up in Québec. Reserve HERE.

5+ Courses 5+ Wines $195/pp including food wine and hospitality.


Sugar Shack Pickin' Party Celebrating the end of the Maple Syrup Season with a food party on April 7th.  More information HERE.

Montauk Seafood Club A special offer to get fresh local catch into the hands of home chefs starts this week.

 Easter Brunch - The tradition continues with festive Spring fare and daytime dining on March 31st. Make a reservation HERE!

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

La Garagista’s wines and aperitifs are made available through intense land stewardship, harvests from orchards, vines, forests, roots and flowerbeds and the use of ancient fermentation and co-blending traditions.

The boundless, ethereal, layered - but mostly limited – bottles and blends from La Garagista unveil extraordinary dimensions of this special style of Alpine production. Fleeting as some are, we have selected and reserved memory-making cuvees to showcase La Garagista at the Tasting Seminar and Northeast Feast. Reserve your Ticket HERE.

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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Three Fondues Dinner & Drinks 

We invite you to a Winter House party at M. Wells next Sunday January 28th at 6pm. The Three Fondues Dinner & Drinks is a melting pot of memories of the Fondues on dinner tables around Québec, from the wild game, rabbit and pickles of Alma to the endless possibilities of the Fondue Chinoise in Montréal. Ours will be a massive mélange of it all. The Dinner also reflects the long and thoughtful development of six Beverage Pairings finalized over time and after tastings and talking extensively with our expert staff.

Building our selections and pouring with Mika Gagne and Charles Prusik is pure joy. Mika researches wine and spirit portfolios with precision and distills from the world of such great choices bottles that work beautifully here at M. Wells and what our guests will both cherish and crush. Charles opened our Bar in 2013 and has contributed to the personality of our wine cellar on and off since Day One. We are honored to get to create special projects and dinners with these esteemed colleagues.

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A Winter House Party is filled with fondues and hot pots, cheeses, veggies, meats, seafood, dips, sauces, breads, chocolate, fruits, sweets and 6 pairings of the best high-altitude and just the right attitudinal wines and spirits for the occasion. Both boisterous and conversational and cozy and intimate, we'll have loads of fun at this seasonal fête.

The reservations are $195 per guest for dinner, drinks and hospitality. Sign up HERE.

Sunday, New Year's Eve 2023-2024

 This is our TENTH New Year's Eve fête at M. Wells central and we will be throwing down in our outer borough with a Sunday Sauce Bacchanal. Chefs Heather and Hugue, long time collaborators, friends and colleagues, are pulling together an Italian-American-Quebecois Feast with enormous displays of Antipasti, Scampis, Stuffed stuff, Testa & Truffles, Marvelous Meats and Divine Pastas. The dinner is $150 per person and is accompanied by entertainment and just the right revelry. Make your reservation for Sunday, December 31st on Resy HERE. There are two seatings at 6 and 9pm. 


Sunday, December 10, 2023

a bunch of items that are on display in a storeM. Wells & Friends Holiday and Anniversary Market Party offered displays of vintage and Queens clothing, handmade knits, health and beauty aides, prints, affordable and eye-catching art, adorable dresses, gifts for drinkers and thinkers and a cornucopia of M. Wells edibles, sweet and savory.  Crescent Street   Sunday 12/10/23 from 12 noon to 7pm rain or shine, snow or sleet..

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Sunday, November 5, 2023 

Marathon Watch Party 

On Sunday, M. Wells opens the garage gates for an Open House and annual watch party to cheer on runners of the NYC Marathon. This year our pals at Hydro-Québec join us, sponsoring the event’s Refreshment Cart and hosting curated STEAM activities for children and families including demos, projects and independent craft stations by City Owlets and M. Wells. We will have a sweet Lunch menu available for those interested and DJ Navigator will keep everyone pumped up.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023 

Tourtières Time - Pick Up Begins

Help us help you get ready for the Holiday season. Place your orders for our traditional Meat Pies, big bulging 9" pies filled with smoked poultry, spiced ground pork and braised beef, potatoes, mushrooms, herbs and special seasoning. Each pie may feed 1 for a while or 4 to 6 folks for the night! So we can prepare your goods please get your Orders in and Shop online HERE. You can set a pick-up date starting November 21st either here at M. Wells in Long Island City or at the Carreau Club in Industry City, Brooklyn.


Thursday, November 23, 2023 

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Chef Hugue Dufour and Chef Heather Pelletier worked out a fabulous Thanksgiving feast based on Québec's celebratory New Year dinner gathering or 'Nouvel An.' We will embellish with details in future communiques. Meanwhile, please make a reservation HERE, we will seat from 2-8pm that Thursday.


Thursday, November 23, 2023 

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Sunday, October 22, 2023 

Join special guests from Québec as they launch their new Whey Eau-de-Vie ... and M. Wells will showcase fabulous new dishes along with cheeses and other culinary specialties made for this collaboration. 

Sunday 5-8pm $85 for food and drinks.  Tickets available here.  HERE.


a group of people standing in front of a mountain

October 31, 2023 


M. Wells turns into a Halloween Hub with free activities, entertainment and inspiration for the kiddies and biggies. Food and drinks offered separately.  The party is from 5-12 midnight! Children and families encouraged 5-8pm.  RSVP link is HERE.



July 24 - August 6, 2023


Craving the best summer plans? Come try our enticing NYC Restaurant Week prix-fixe menu July 24th –August 6th. Book a table today!


textThe Court Square Block Party took place on June 18, 2023. Court Square Civic Association and M. Wells bring you the people great Music, Food, Arts & Crafts, Games, Displays & Demos. The musical line-up included The Patsy Kline Project, Mamie & Tamar & L Train Brass Band, Combo Daguerre & Tape Hiss & many more participants!  It’s was a great day free for all neighbors and visitors!


March-June 2023

Pooja's language teaching methods are top-notch yet chill and conversational. Year after year, students return having advanced and achieved personal goals.  Pooja teaches French to young children and older learners alike, individual and group classes are available in person (at M. Wells of course!) or Online. Email or

French Classes have recommenced at M. Wells! 

Pooja has seats in the following day and night sessions:

Les Mardis (Tuesdays) 6-7pm

Les Mercredis (Wednesdays) 1-2pm et 5-6pm

Les Jeudis (Thursdays) 6-7pm!


April 16th (April 23, 2023 sold out)

Get the Lowdown on the Hoedown in our Newsletter Vol. 13 Issue 5 HERE


Where orchards of sugar maple trees cover the land, there are usually boisterous, magical places called Sugar Shacks, the dining and recreational halls attached to the maple sugaring houses of the Northeast and of course Québec! As the sap flows from the forest to the boiler room and the sweet water turns to golden and amber syrups, the adjacent 

Sugar Shacks become electric. 

At M. Wells, the tables are teeming with big foods and pitchers of all kinds, surrounded by friends and family, hockey, pétanque, live music and maple syrup. A great pastime we bring to Queens. The Sugar Shack stage hosts talented musicians that perform at such fabulous venues as Jalopy Theater and Barbés. We will once again play the long day away at two Sugar Shack Sundays this April. TICKETS are available HERE.


Lunar New Year January 20 - February 18 2023 !   

Featured at M. Wells .... Dolls, Puppets and Lucky Snacks from around Asia 

More to Come ...

New Years Eve December 31 2022 !

Mexican Mariscos Extravaganza with Seafood, Entertainment, Bubbles and Revelry. Courses and sources will run the wild and wonderful, as a fancy reflection of Chef Greg's history and our favorites from South of the Border. Dinner is $150 per person. More information revealed pronto. Reservations from 5pm to 10pm.

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November 20th & December 18th Holiday Markets at M. Wells are a blast. Thank you for supporting these crafty gatherings over the last two years. 'Tis the season to enjoy new and vintage wares, homemade surprises and great fare. Contact Us if you make things and would like to participate. Write

Thanksgiving Reservations from 2-8pm available HERE.  Three course dinner with many dishes per course to share family-style. This menu is classic and fun with soups, salads, sides and Goose a L'Orange.   Meat Pies are HERE too! Our renowned Tourtières create a seasonal buzz.  beautiful centerpiece, the tourtière is packed with braised beef from PA, ground heritage pork, confit smoked turkey,  It serves 4-6 guests, comes frozen and ready to bake at home.  Order HERE.

Winter Semester of French! Space is available for day or evening French classes on Thursdays here at M. Wells with Pooja. One student says "Pooja is an excellent teacher. I have been trying to learn French for a long time and I feel like I am getting it. Plus, she makes class fun!" (Melissa B.) another student agrees "If you have the opportunity to partake in Pooja’s French classes, I would jump at the chance. Pooja’s is an excellent teacher to say the least. She is patient, kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. I entered her class with zero background in the French language and I can already feel the difference in understanding and speaking. Her method of teaching really stretches your brain to learn, it’s not just memorization, I never learned a language in this manner but I’m a fan and it works." (Isis M.) Wow! Allons-y! Contact Us to learn more and/or Sign Up. Write

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